1. How do I purchase images?

2. What are the payment options?

3. How much does an image cost?


1)   How do I purchase images?

Images may be purchased by contacting FLIGHTLINEimages directly. You will then receive a follow-up email regarding payment options.

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2)   What are the payment options?

FLIGHTLINEimages can accept payment through bank cheques, Paypal and bank to bank direct transfers.

Customers with existing PayPal accounts are also welcome to use this popular online payment method. For those who haven't yet opened an account with PayPal , simply click on the logo below to setup an account instantly.

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3)   How much does an image cost?

Many factors are taken into consideration when determining the fee for an individual image use. These include:

  • Image size
  • Image quality
  • Print run
  • Placement / usage requirements

    Please get in touch with us at FLIGHTLINEimages to discuss any and all applications. Please e-mail the image reference you are interested in, describing your particular applications and usage requirements and we will get back to you ASAP.

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